Workshops and Activities

Each participant is able to develop their skills, creativity and working life through accessing our workshops and activities. We have thriving onsite activities that include our Garden, Cookery, Textiles and Crafts Workshops. We offer a variety of wonderful locally made or grown products and deliver fruit and vegetables to our houses and the wider community by means of The Hatch Community Box Scheme.

Skills range from using machinery and equipment to specific craft skills like working with food, knitting, weaving, felting, candle and paper making and other craft materials. Our box scheme relies on vegetable growing from our extensive farm land. Participants develop a great sense of pride in their activities and are a crucial part of the great atmosphere in the activities. There are opportunities to develop creative aspects like drawing and painting, pottery and music sessions.

There are also various indirect but equally important benefits to being part of these group activities such as the practice of numeracy and literacy skills, the valuable opportunity to be recognised as individuals with a creative input, the joy and pride in being part of a process that uses raw materials to create a beautiful finished product and the benefits of being able to socialise in a supported environment and to develop social interactive skills.

Accessing the Wider Community

We value being part of our local and wider community and actively support each of our residents in benefiting from the range of activities and facilities that are available. The Hatch Community promotes social inclusion and fosters beneficial local links to facilitate our residents’ interests and choices. Opportunities that can be enjoyed vary from routine activities such as attending college or visiting the local Leisure Centre. There’s also swimming, playing tennis or attending pottery and horse-riding.

There are favourite shops to browse or socialising and relaxing at the local coffee shop. Thornbury has all the benefits of a big town but still has the feel of a small friendly village. Bristol is also a short bus ride away where visits to the theatre, concerts and all the big city attractions can be enjoyed.

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