Celebrating Ascension Day at Raglan Castle

To celebrate Ascension Day this year we visited Raglan Castle alongside our sister community Orchard Leigh. We all ascended the many steps of the castle towers, explored the tunnels and enjoyed the lunch provided by the communities’ workshops in the castle grounds.
Joe, from The Hatch, has explained the importance of Ascension Day and why we celebrate it.
“We celebrate Ascension Day for a special reason; it marks the 40 days between Easter and Christ ascending up to heaven.”

“Jesus was in a desert for 40 days before the devil tempted him. God made the great flood and Noah and his family, along with two of every animal were afloat in the ark for 40 days before God sent a Dove to find land. This marks the 40th Day”.

“We celebrate this by ascending a hill”.

You can hear more about Ascension Day from Joe by pressing play.