Celebrating St. John’s Day

We recently celebrated St. John’s Day by coming together with our sister community Orchard Leigh to share a meal and spend time with friends.

As a Camphill Community we have a tradition of celebrating Christian festivals throughout the year. The festivals provide opportunities for everyone to be involved through music, food, creative activities and more.

Joe, from The Hatch, would like to share the reason why we celebrate this festival and its importance.

“On St. John’s Day we remember John the Baptist, Jesus’s cousin and how John baptised him.  John was born to Father Zechariah and Mother Elizabeth, cousin to Mary (Jesus’s mother). We celebrate this by coming together as a community.”

Visit the Church of England website to read more about St. John’s Day.

This year we celebrated St. John’s Day by having a BBQ in the beautiful sunshine at The Hatch. Daniel and Elizabeth, members of staff here at The Hatch, talked to us all about St. John and why we celebrate him. The residents and the staff in the houses worked hard to make delicious salads and pasta dishes to share with their friends.