Make Your Own Christmas Tree Gnome

A Step by Step Guide

Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with a handmade Gnome. This is the perfect craft activity to do together as a family, group or on your own!

You will need:

Cardboard tube from toilet roll

Wool – 2 different colours



Hot glue gun

30cm ruler

You could use:

Toy stuffing

Pom pom maker 

Needle or comb

Step One

Using the cardboard from a toilet roll, cut out cardboard rings around 1cm thick.

Step Two

Use the 30cm ruler and wrap the wool around the ruler, from end to end about 25 times. When you have finished wrapping cut the end of the wool thread.

Then cut wool at both ends of the ruler to leave you with strips of wool.

Step Three

Take one of the individual strips of wool, fold in half and loop over the cardboard ring.

Make sure you go the same way every time and repeat this until the entire ring is covered.

Step Four

When the entire ring is covered, push all the ends through the middle of the hoop.

Step Five

Using another string of wool, tie the ends tightly about 1 inch or 2cm from the bottom.

Step Six

Grip the ends tightly and cut to your desired length

You can now use these discarded wool ends or some toy stuffing to stuff the middle, this will help to hold the shape of the hat.

Now you can trim the ends to tidy up the top of the hat.

Step Seven – This is an optional step.

Using a needle or a comb you can pull through the ends of the wool to create a fuzzy effect, repeat this until you have achieved your desired result.

Trim the edges when finished.

You will now have something like this.

This is your Gnome hat.

Step Eight

Using a pom pom maker, create a pom pom with a different colour wool.

You can also make a pom pom using cardboard – Watch this video to find out how.

Step Nine

Now that you have your pom pom and your hat, heat the hot glue gun.

When the glue gun is warm enough, apply the glue to the base of the hat and stick to the pom pom.

Step Ten

Using the hot glue gun again, stick the bead to the pom pom where the hat and the pom pom connect.

Step Eleven

Lastly, using a needle thread a left-over strip of the hat-coloured wool through the hat twice.

Tie the wool together at the top to create a loop, this will allow you to hang the Gnome on your Christmas tree.