How to make a difference in your community

There are Camphill communities all around the world, where people with learning disabilities live, learn and work together.

At The Hatch Camphill Community, there are a range of opportunities available to get involved with the work that we do and to make a real difference.

Here are five ways that you can make a difference at The Hatch.

Become a Support Worker Today

Our residents are empowered to live independent lives by our fantastic team of Support Workers. Every day looks different as a Support Worker; from cooking to budgeting sessions to day trips in Bristol; no day is the same.

We aim to find people with the right values, behaviours and attitudes to support residents to fulfil their potential in a person-centred way.

We have a range of roles available.

Camphill Volunteering

We support the Camphill tradition of welcoming people from all over the world to join our work as volunteer co-workers.

As a volunteer you will live and work in the community. You will take part in our festivals, plays and events. Additionally, you will support residents in our craft workshops, and in their homes with activities such as cooking and out in the wider community.

Charity Board Members

Board members work with the CEO, management team and residents to set the strategic direction of the charity. This is a volunteer role and a chance to have a real impact in the lives of individuals with learning disabilities. Volunteer Board Members for the charity will also have the opportunity to lend their existing expertise and insight to aid in the growth and development..

We are currently looking for new Volunteer Board Members to join The Hatch. If you are interested in making a genuine difference to the lives of our residents contact us today.

Donating to a Charity

Donations made to charities around the UK make a big impact, no matter the amount.

For The Hatch, your donation can help in many ways. Your charitable donation could go towards craft supplies for our onsite workshops. Our workshops offer a place for residents and day placement participants to develop their creativity and gain valuable skills. Addititionaly, you could also contribute to innovative developments within our communities which enables us to create an empowering environment for independent living.

Monthly donation options are available so you can support our charity on an ongoing basis.

It is a beautiful place

Fundraising for Charity

Looking to make an even bigger impact? Fundraising is a great way to achieve your own goals whilst making a difference for other people.

Fundraising is a great way to make a big impact for your charity of choice. You can choose to fundraise however you want to, with a wide range of options available.You can run, walk, swim and more all for an amazing cause.

Fundraising for The Hatch is a great way to make a real difference.

No matter the size of the contribution, you can make a difference and we are grateful to everyone who gets involved.