Michaelmas Conference 2023

To celebrate the end of the 2023 harvest season we came together in Whitsun Hall at The Hatch. As requested by a resident, we celebrated Michaelmas festival in a different way this year with a conference to discuss the theme of working together.

Michaelmas provides an opportunity to commemorate the deed of the Archangel Michael. This is a festival celebration that happens each year in many Christian communities around the world. September 29th is close to the autumnal equinox, when daylight and darkness are perfectly balanced. Traditionally, this time of year would represent new beginnings where contracts were renewed and when universities would begin their next year of study.

For us, this time of year marks a time of reflection, looking inwards to discover our purpose. As a group we discussed the meaning of work and the impact it has for us and for those around us. We reflected on the work that we do in our daily lives and highlighted the most important areas of work.


Following the group discussions, we shared delicious homemade soups and freshly made bread rolls from our bakery at Orchard Leigh. Following lunch, we worked together on a joint art project using a variety of mediums. Each group worked on their own piece which were then put together to create one large work of art. This allowed us to appreciate everyone’s contribution and see the fruits of our labour.

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