Mothers Day at the Hatch

At The Hatch, we took a moment to celebrate our amazing mums this Mother’s Day.

Whether it’s celebrated with a phone call, a nice meal, cards or flowers, Mother’s Day is here to highlight the amazing hard-working mothers who have shaped our lives.

Gifts can be a great way to celebrate motherhood, but Mother’s Day is also rich in history far deeper than the greeting cards and carnations.


Motherhood has been sacred for millennia. The ancient Greeks held festivals honouring Rhea, the mother of the gods. Early Christians celebrated “Mothering Sunday,” a day to return to one’s “mother church.” Mother’s Day as we know it today has its roots in 19th-century America. Anna Jarvis, a peace activist, sought to honour her own mother by campaigning for a day dedicated to all mums. Jarvis envisioned Mother’s Day as a day of peace and reconciliation.

Mother’s Day has been a time for all of us here at The Hatch to cherish the mums who nurture us, inspire us, and guide us. By understanding the history and going beyond the commercial aspects, we can create a celebration that truly reflects the depth of our love and gratitude.

Our resident writer Joe shared his thoughts on what Mother’s Day means to him.

“Mother’s Day is the day that we appreciate what mums do for us and was celebrated on the 10th of March. I personally think that they provide the backbone of the Hatch which supports the residents. They always help us by buying our produce which their sons or daughters have made.”