The Hatch Community Workshops

Our workshops offer opportunities for participants to develop their skills, with support from our experienced workshop staff. We have a range of workshops available to choose from, each offering their own benefits.

Explore Our Workshops Here:

Happy Hatch Resident


Participants are supported from beginning to end to assist in cooking a range of meals for all to enjoy.


Supporting principles of Biodynamic organic agriculture. Growing responsibly with for the environment.
Happy Hatch Resident


Our Craft Workshop includes a range of activities to challenge, inspire and empower those taking part.

Socialising Hatch Residents


From weaving, knitting, felting, embroidery and crochet there are many colourful and engaging choices.

Happy Hatch Resident

Bakery Workshop

Creating delicious organic baked goods made by the community, for the community

All workshops at The Hatch provide space for participants to experiment with different materials as well as skills that are transferable to everyday life. They also provide opportunities to socialise with friends and staff.

As well as Hatch residents, workshops are available for day placements to individuals in the surrounding area.

Joe, a resident of The Hatch, has shared his thoughts on the onsite workshops:

“I think that the residents are enjoying cookery workshop because we get to venture into the garden to pick fresh ingredients such as gooseberries, loganberries and elderflowers to make homemade cordial.”