A recent visit from a social worker – Their experience

During the summer of 2022, The Hatch Camphill Community welcomed three local social workers for a visit.

This provided a chance for them to find out more about the work that our amazing support workers do, and explore the unique location that we all live and work in.

During their time in the community, they visited the onsite workshops, spent time in some of the houses and in the community gardens.
Following their visit to The Hatch, we received some lovely reflections as well as some images from their time with us that we wanted to share with you all.

I had the most amazing visit this week. We went to the Hatch Camphill Community in Thornbury, a charity that provides accommodation and support to adults with learning disabilities.
It is part of the Camphill Movement, an international movement started in 1939 in Scotland by Doctor Karl König, an Austrian paediatrician and young people who came with him to the UK at the outbreak of World War 2.

Here are some reflections and photos from our time at the Hatch, and we thought we share them with you, as it comes across as such an inspiring place.

Hatch Camphill Community in Thornbury
It is a beautiful place

It is a beautiful place.

The houses felt really homey, there are lovely, shared spaces and it is great that people can really personalise their rooms, including choosing their own colour for the walls, putting up photos and posters.

It really came across that it is a community, that people’s individual strengths and skills are valued, and that people have active roles and purpose within the community and the wider local community.

I liked that ‘co-workers’ (great choice of job title!) are also very much part of The Hatch community, they bring their skills and talents to their roles, they practice the ‘do things with, not for’ philosophy and share and exchange skills with the people they work with.

The huge garden is amazing, and I wish I lived in the Thornbury area so I could join their veg box scheme!

The Hatch is a nice place situated in a quiet, calm, and lovely area. The staff are welcoming, engaging and very interested in the service users/residents and their activities. The staff are well informed about everyone’s challenges and the unique way to communicate with them.

I liked the ‘co-workers’

It is a community that support residents on an individual basis.

I love the way they encourage the residents to be independent such as cleaning their rooms, personal hygiene etc. I love the different activities that they have developed to engage the residents with such as weaving, farming, cooking, baking and etc.

In conclusion, I like the encouragement given to the residents to be active. We saw a support staff and one of the residents going for a walk. It is such an amazing community.”

From all of us here at The Hatch, we are overjoyed to receive such lovely feedback and to have spent some time with these wonderful social workers.