The impact your donation can have

The impact your donation can have – Make a real difference.

As a small charity all donations can have a big impact. This could be through new supplies in the onsite workshops, contributing to festival celebrations or innovative developments within the community. Today we wanted to highlight the importance of your donation, no matter the size.

A £5 donation can go towards purchasing craft supplies for our onsite workshops. Our workshops provide opportunities for people to develop their working lives, creativity and skills. From gardening and cooking to crafts and textile work, there is no shortage of activities to take part in and your donation could support this.

Your £10 donation could contribute to our festival celebrations! Our festivals follow the Christian calendar and celebrations vary from days out exploring the wider communities to onsite BBQs and get-togethers. Each festival provides opportunities for us to come together and strengthens our sense of community.

A £25 or £50 donation can go towards maintaining high quality housing or improvements to our community resources. This could be a new table tennis set up in the gardens, redecorating and replacing furniture in our community hall or renovating structures onsite.

As a community, we always strive to improve the services we offer. Lots of small changes can all add up to have big results and your donations make them possible. Click here to make a donation today.


We would like to thank everyone who supports the work that we do, you are making a real difference.