Valentine’s Day 2024

On February 12th, our community came together for an early Valentine’s Day celebration with a fabulous disco!

Our amazing international volunteers adorned the hall with handmade love hearts and fresh flowers as our residents whipped up some delicious heart shaped cookies in our new bakery. We had a wonderful time sharing roses with our friends and partners, dancing, eating and filling the room with love and appreciation.

Historically Valentine’s Day was a day of feast in honour of a martyr named Valentine, and only later through folk traditions did it become the culturally significant celebration of romance and love in many regions all over the world. It was heart-warming to see the Community bring such an abundance of love and warmth to such a lovely evening.


Our talented resident Joe wrote a lovely piece for the Valentine’s Day blog highlighting how vital and powerful universal love is in healing our world.

“St Valentine is associated with love and we celebrated this on the 12th of February with a disco. I personally say that love is a power, and it is claimed that love conquered death and right now the world is broken by war. So, we all need the power of love to hopefully repair this beautiful world that we have. And hopefully we can use this power and turn it into a force.” – Joe