Veg box scheme – Doing our part for the local community

The Hatch Camphill Community Vegetable Box Scheme is delivered weekly to the community in our surrounding areas.

Our ethically grown fruit and vegetables are tasty, nutritious and convenient. In purchasing a veg box you are also supporting the charity and all the work that we do here.

Our garden workshop participants work hard in our woodlands, pastures, orchards and gardens to grow each piece of fruit and veg. Every individual that is part of the garden workshop team values growing and selling their produce to the local community and take great pride in doing so.

It is through everyone’s hard work that we can supply a weekly portion of produce consisting of a mix of naturally grown vegetables and fruit.

Through our work we support the principles of Biodynamic organic agriculture, growing responsibly and caring for the environment.

For the recipients of our box scheme, they enjoy our tasty produce whilst also supporting the important work that our charity has been doing in Thornbury for over 30 years.

As a team, we appreciate the unique skills that we can contribute to working with the natural seasonal rhythms, using traditional and ethical growing methods to provide healthy produce full of good flavours.

With your support we can continue to provide an empowering environment for our residents and support them in their aspirations of independent living.

Find out more about how you can support us here or you can donate here.